Establishing Your Wedding Budget

Imagine attempting to purchase a car or a house without knowing how much money you have to spend. If you wouldn’t make this major purchase in this manner, try not to plan your wedding this way either. Knowing what price range you can afford to buy within is a part of the base in planning a wedding.

Too often a non-realistic budget causes family tension and bridal stress. Establish the amount of money available for this celebration by discussing this issue with all the parties who will be contributing financially. Be realistic.

How do you know what the cost will be? Many of the bridal websites and bridal publications provide a breakdown of percentages for the cost of a wedding or consult with a wedding consultant for assistance.

Having a realistic idea of the different categories, you now can seek professionals who will offer you the best value for the dollars you have to spend. Where to look? Attend a few bridal shows, surf the internet, look for vendors with professional affiliations. Chances are they are more in tune with the current trends. Don’t exclude talking with friends or relatives but remember what worked for their budget may not work for yours (or their taste may be different in the selection of their services).

Be flexible. A budget is a guide and you should feel that you can “borrow” from one line to add to another to make it all work. Establish the wedding budget first after the date has been set and your planning process will fall into place. You are on your way to a Beautiful Occasion!

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