What would I use a wedding consultant for?

The service may be as extended or as limited as you desire for one of the following reasons:
   * Time may be an issue. If you want to leverage your time to plan your wedding we may find some products or services for you or work out the details.
   * Money - You should have a budget. We may assist you in finding products or services of top quality for the money you may have to spend.
   * Stress - You may be overwhelmed in sorting everything out or may need assistance in developing a plan to accomplish the tasks.

What is the difference between a wedding consultant, wedding planner, wedding coordinator, wedding designer?

   * They are reasonably the same. The differences are the extent of service provided as described by the individual. A consultant or planner may provide information services much like an accountant or an attorney and assist you on your wedding day.
A coordinator may specialize in pulling together all of the different facets of the wedding in addition to providing you with information and wedding day service. A wedding designer/producer may develop a concept, lead a team of specialists, plan, hire vendors and orchestrate your event.

How much would it cost?

   * The cost of wedding consultants may vary depending on where you live. Some consultants charge by the hour, or by percentage, or a flat rate. In some cases it is a combination. It is fair to plan for at least 15-20% of your wedding budget for full service. A good consultant will be able to provide some level of service to meet your needs and your budget.

When should I hire a wedding consultant?

   * The sooner the better. If you are attempting to save money you need to hire a consultant as soon after your engagement as possible. A professional consultant may have suggested vendors within your budget or recommendations which utilize their buying power. You are going to a vendor just once, the consultant uses or recommends them multiple times which may result in a cost savings or added value to you.

My banquet facility has a wedding coordinator, why do I need onather one?

   * The staff at your facility is particularly concerned about the services on their property. An independent consultant may start with you at home or at the church and provide continuous service to make sure all goes well.

Do I need only a full service consultant?

   * No. You should be able to have a consultant suit your level of needs.

I have lots of ideas, won't a wedding consultant want me to follow only their ideas??

   * No. A professional consultant respects that this is your wedding, and will offer you guidance so your ideas may work.

What type of training should a consultant have?

   * Unlike an attorney or a physician a consultant need not have a college degree. There are several organizations available who offer training for the person who would like to be considered a professional consultant. The Association of Bridal Consultants offers different levels of professional development.

Should I ask for references?

   * By all means.

My wedding is pretty much all planned, why should I hire a consultant now?

   * You would work with a consultant to review your wedding day to evaluate how well the timing will work and to “red flag” situations that may create problems. Because you or your family and friends do not orchestrate multiple events they may not see some of the problems that a professional consultant could immediately point out on your behalf. This will provide you with peace of mind and possibly avoid those “bridal nightmares”. Many consultants who work with clients at the end stage of their wedding planning meet with you to review your plans, confirm your services, attend your rehearsal and start with you early in the wedding day. After spending thousands of dollars for an event that lasts for a short period of time – don’t you want peace of mind?

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